All About Us



Our bees gather nectar from the the backyard gardens, fields and forests nestled around the curve of Boundary Bay.

From spring maples to the last fall asters,a variety of local nectar sources give our honey a flavor unique to this special place.





Contact Us For Your Jar of Deliciousness!


Check out our Facebook page as well: happy to answer questions about bees and beekeeping!

Thinking of keeping bees? Shoot me an email if you need help.

Want to help the bees? Check out our beehelper page!


Reserve your 2018 Bee Sales:

5 frame nucs will be available for sale in May 2018

now taking reservations.

The Summer 2015 harvest is now in!




One thought on “All About Us

  1. Hey Janet…

    Thx so very much for the Awesome Honey and Doggie treats!!! U didn’t have to do that…it was very sweet of u though!

    Wish I wasn’t racing to get to work this morning as I would liked to have spent more time with my new buddy Huratio (sp) He’s a sweetie!

    Stop by next time you’re out for a walkies and say hello!

    Mom (Emma) Dad (Walter) and my sister Debi all say Thx and we all Luv your Honey!

    Would like to buy more, especially closer to Christmas…Great Gifts!!!

    Hugs to Huratio!

    Brad 🙂


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